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Let’s ask AI for more about Crown Zenith

The Pokémon set Crown Zenith is recognized as the final set of the Pokémon Sword & Shield series, celebrating the era with a variety of products. It comprises 230 cards in total, with 159 regular cards, 1 secret card, and an additional 70 cards known as the Galarian Gallery, which features special artwork. This set is unique for its inclusion of various Radiant Pokémon, VSTAR, and VMAX cards, emphasizing the diversity and richness of the Pokémon universe as it transitions from the Sword & Shield series.

Crown Zenith includes a broad range of Pokémon and card types, reflecting a celebration of the series with cards that cater to collectors and competitive players alike. For instance, you’ll find cards like Radiant Charjabug, Zeraora VSTAR, and many more, showcasing a mix of rarities from common to holo rare VSTAR cards. Each card contributes to the strategic depth of the game, offering new opportunities for deck building and gameplay.

Notably, Crown Zenith is also a nod to collectors and fans of the series, with the Galarian Gallery presenting cards with alternate art versions, adding an artistic flair to the gameplay and collection aspect of the Pokémon TCG. Whether you’re a competitive player looking for the next card to enhance your deck or a collector seeking the exquisite artwork of the Galarian Gallery, Crown Zenith offers something for everyone in the Pokémon TCG community.

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