Will we ever get a reprint of the Gen 2 Pokemon?

Yes we will.

We will because The Pokemon Company is going to run out of new ideas for Pokemon. They’ve already created dumb and sometimes bizarre Pokemon to fill out their sets… the next step is to reprint and the best set to reprint is Gen II. If pokemon is going to last 20 or 30 more years it’s going to have to work very hard to find new ideas.

They’ve already reprinted Gen I in the Pokemon Scarlet & Violet 151 set… and it was a wild success with people still obsessing over finding 151 product. A natural next step is Gen II. People are already clamoring for a Gen II reprint. It’d ultimately be a huge money maker for the Pokemon Company to reprint it.

But the problem is time.

It could take The Pokemon Company 5 years, or a decade, to realize it needs to reprint a whole set of Gen II Pokemon.

And that is what is so annoying.

People want a Gen II set NOW. Waiting even more than we already have is excruciating.

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