Once again, Walmart has restocked Pokemon 151 booster bundles online. Search Pokemon 151 on Walmart.com.

Still retailing for $29, slightly above MSRP, it’s a pretty good deal. Bundles have been going for $40 from resellers.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. This smells like a large distributor getting rid of stock in its warehouses before a reprint. There’s only so much room and you can’t have product sitting in there indefinitely. It needs to hit the shelves. A 151 reprint would also probably take the form of booster bundles. So it makes sense that we’re only seeing booster bundles.

It’s just hard to see the Pokemon Company ordering a new run of say… binders for new binder collection boxes. That would be a bit expensive and take time, which don’t seem acceptable by the Pokemon Company for reprints. Reprints seem to mostly be low hanging fruit, easier to make blisters and booster boxes. That’s anecdotal but that’s the best we have.

Anyways, snatch the booster bundles while you can. While Walmart has now restocked several times, there’s no telling if they will again.

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