So there are a number of ways to spot fake or counterfeit Pokemon booster packs or cards… I’ll give you a quick rundown.

A fake Lost Origin booster pack

A card or booster pack is fake / counterfeit when…

  • The booster pack is very shiny. Real booster packs are generally more muted.
  • The cardstock used to make the cards is thinner.
  • The cards have washed out yellow borders.
  • Holo cards have faded backs.
  • The booster pack has scalloped edges on top and bottom. Real booster packs are crimped.
  • The booster packs only contain 9 cards. Real booster packs contain 10.
  • The booster pack weighs in the 12 to 13 gram region instead of the real booster packs weight of around 21 grams.
  • The cards smell wrong when a booster pack is opened. Not joking.
  • The cards have a pure white interior. The Pokemon Company uses 280 gsm paper with a blue core.
  • The card weighs 1.2 grams instead of a real cards weight of 1.7 grams
  • If the price is too good to be true, it’s a fake… or stolen…

If any or all the above occurs with a product you bought or are supposed to buy… stop! Return it or don’t buy it! Scammers are everywhere unfortunately and you’ve got to be careful.

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