First thing, it’s important to know which website we are actually talking about. GodofCards.US is the United States based website of sells inside the European Union. GodofCards.US is their new Richmond Virginia based website serving the United States.

Unlike their European website, the US website does not offer free shipping for orders over $75.

Something to note, a good number of their product details sections on the US website are actually in German. I guess they either accidentally skipped over them or just haven’t gotten around to translating them yet.

Something else, almost all of their product is low stock or out of stock. No idea what that’s about. I sent them an email regarding their low stock but they have yet to get back to me.

Anyway I purchased 4 booster boxes of Metal Raiders for $14.95 each. That’s $12.05 less than the next lowest price available of $27 (or to turn it around, the next lowest price is almost double what I paid). And they arrived in perfect condition. Un-weighed and crisp.

At this point in writing my review, a funny thing happened. The GodofCards.US store went offline. There was no response from their support email when I questioned what happened and their social media is dead. And funny enough, their European website has no information listed on their Contact page.

If I had to venture a guess… God of Cards is unceremoniously shutting down their US store. And to top that off, they’re also ignoring customer support for their European operations (

I may have very well been their last order! Which is a shame because like I said I got a good price and they shipped my order well.

Let’s wait and see if GodofCards.US pops back up at some point!

Update: has fixed their contact form! You can actually contact them now!

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