Are Sword and Shield Brilliant Stars and Sword and Shield Lost Origin a good investment over the long term?

Yes! Most likely! Probably! Actually who knows…

It’s pretty hard to value collectibles. Prices fluctuate greatly over time as interest can grow and fade. But when it comes to Pokemon things seem to be just a little different. Prices for booster boxes tend to gain in value over time, it’s mostly a question of how much value is gained how quickly.

Start with the fact that a good number of Pokemon booster boxes have increased in value over the past 5+ years seemingly simply because supply got more and more constrained. Lost Origin and Brilliant Stars are both quality sets with lots of buyers.

End with the fact that supply for both Lost Origin and Brilliant Stars is set to steadily decrease as more and more people rip the available booster boxes.

Not to mention both sets have some good chase cards! Giratina, Pikachu, Umbreon, Charizard, and Aerodactyl are all desirable cards! Giratina V alone is worth $200. Things look pretty good for both sets. Diminishing supply + quality set = price increases.

Ultimately I would expect Lost Origin and Brilliant Stars to gain in value… but how fast they’ll gain in value I couldn’t tell you

If you’re a collector I’d buy now before prices inevitably go up!

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