The Pokémon Heavy Hitters Premium Collection is a box set featuring four foil cards with Lucario V, Tyranitar V, Lucario, and Tyranitar, an oversize foil card featuring Lucario V, 14 Pokémon TCG booster packs, four large metallic coins, and a code card for Pokémon Trading Card Game Live

At $40, or even less at some Sam’s Clubs, this set is a steal. There is no guarantee about which booster packs you’ll pull but at a cost of $2.85 per booster pack who cares! It’s all good! $2.85 is close to the best price you can ever get at retail.

While not a good investment if you’re purchasing online, because you can’t see the boosters you’re getting, it could be a good investment if you go in person and find boxes with sets that you like. The same goes for collectors… it’s better in person.

While I have no idea what you’re going to do with the metal coins… Sam’s Clubs Pokémon Heavy Hitters Premium Collection is ultimately a steal!

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