Age of Overlord booster boxes have now climbed from their initial retail price of $84 per box to a very impressive $170 per box as of the time of writing.

Age of Overlord booster boxes started at $84, then proceeded to hit a low of $69, then spent the next five months steadily gaining in price until we now have prices starting at $170 per box.

That’s a pretty impressive gain and you’ve got to wonder what has caused it. Is it just supply and demand? Or have people ripped so many booster boxes that there’s very few remaining…

Ultimately, it’s an impressive gain for a Yugioh box.

Now let’s ask AI about Age of Overlord…

The “Age of Overlord” is a core booster set for the Yu-Gi-Oh! TRADING CARD GAME (TCG), featuring a mix of new and reimagined elements that build upon past themes and introduce new possibilities for deck-building. Released on October 20, 2023, the set contains a total of 101 cards, priced at $4.49 per pack, with each pack containing 9 cards. The set includes:

  • 10 Secret Rares
  • 14 Ultra Rares
  • 26 Super Rares
  • 50 Commons

Additionally, 24 of these cards are also available as Quarter Century Secret Rares, with one special card exclusively available in this rare variant. The set introduces a new form of Supreme King Z-ARC, a Dragon/Fusion/Pendulum Monster, enhancing the “Supreme King” archetype with new Pendulum Monsters and a variety of new Spell and Trap Cards. “Visas Starfrost” receives further support with a Level 4 Tuner monster, a Pendulum Monster, and a Level 6 “Mannadium” Synchro Monster, expanding the space-faring narrative. Another highlight is the Horus-themed monsters, which are designed to be effectively immortal, capable of being Special Summoned from the Graveyard under specific conditions, posing a constant threat to opponents.

The inclusion of 25 Quarter Century Secret Rares celebrates 25 years of Yu-Gi-Oh!, making “Age of Overlord” a significant release for both collectors and players aiming to enhance their decks with new strategies or revive and strengthen previous themes.

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