The nostalgia bait 25th Anniversary YuGiOh booster boxes have had quite a wild ride in price since introduction!

Now let’s take a look at those prices…

So there are five 25th Anniversary edition booster boxes and a sixth booster only (Dark Crisis) products out right now. There’s Spell Ruler, Metal Raiders, Legend of Blue Eyes White Dragon, Invasion of Chaos, Dark Crisis, and Pharaohs’ Servant. These sets are all from the early days of YuGiOh and have a lot of nostalgia attached to them.

Now in the past year Spell Ruler booster boxes have dropped in price from $120 to $64… it has almost halved in price! The Spell Ruler set has a few notable cards in it… including Blue-Eyes Toon Dragon, Serpent Night Dragon, Toon Summoned Skull, Toon World, and Spellbinding Circle.

The Legend of Blue Eyes White Dragon booster boxes have basically traded sideways in the last year, going from $117 to $109 now. The Legend of Blue Eyes White Dragon boosters of course have Blue Eyes White Dragon in them as well as Exodia. There’s also Red Eyes Black Dragon and Dark Magician. All of which are serious nostalgia bait and are probably responsible for this sets higher price.

Metal Raiders booster boxes have gone from $119 to $68 in the last year. Not quite as big of a drop as Spell Ruler, but close. Metal Raiders has some big cards in it, featuring Barrel Dragon, Time Wizard, Black Skull Dragon, Summoned Skull, and Change of Heart. All good cards popular from the anime.

Pharaohs Servant booster boxes have dropped in price from $120 to $50. It has stayed pretty consistently at $50 for quite some time. The Pharaohs Servant set features a couple big cards, mainly Buster Blader and Thousand Eyes Restrict. There’s also Call of the Haunted.

Invasion of Chaos booster boxes have gone from a high of $123 to $54. Invasion of Chaos has several big cards in it… featuring Black Luster Soldier, Dark Magician of Chaos, and Dimension Fusion.

All the sets in here have decreased in price, some significantly, since introduction. Their prices all peaked upon release, excluding the Legend of Blue Eyes White Dragon booster boxes.

These sets have all probably been printed in such high quantities that they don’t offer any long term appreciation. The current price for Blue Eyes White Dragon seems to be out of pure nostalgia. I also imagine a ton of people are ripping packs and not saving them. Ultimately these low prices are great for nostalgia and collecting, but bad news for YuGiOh investors.

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